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Secure Activities Management Platform for Uncomplicated Collaboration.

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Helping Real Estate Agents Work Smarter for Less

TaskCycle for Real Estate is designed to help real estate agents and brokerages simplify their transactions, improve client engagement, and help all deal participants work collaboratively in a friction-free environment.

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Merged Collaboration Cloud and Services Marketplace

The MERGED Collaboration Cloud provides a secure environment that simplifies your workflow – Before, During and After the Transaction.

Simplifying Process

Organize | Automate | Manage | Collaborate

TaskCycle™ is an Activities Management Platform that simplifies the various workflow components, providing a more efficient process for all collaborators.

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Simplifying Homeownership

Own | Maintain | Improve | Prepare

TaskCycle Consumer™ is a “network effect” marketplace and system of record for the consumer to manage, maintain and improve their property throughout the homeownership lifecycle.

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Simplifying Signatures

Workflow | Signature | Security

TaskCycle | eSign is a new proprietary signature platform that focuses on participant and document security to substantially mitigate the risk associated with document version control and signer authentication.
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