TaskCycle for Real Estate Services

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Property Management

Visibility for Stakeholders

TaskCycle™ provides a secure, collaborative environment that gives role-based visibility to property owners, tenants, and service professionals, ensuring seamless oversight to repairs and maintenance of assets.

Workflow Automation

Automate tasks and maintenance schedules for approved vendors or employees from a single platform.

Approval Workflow

Approve, reject, and track task orders with customized controls. Maintain full visibility of task process and project completion goals for each asset, at a glance or in detailed, drivable dashboard.

Friction-Free Closeout

Request, approve, and verify final photos of completed repairs associated with assets, reducing bottlenecks and liabilities, while accelerating payment cycles to high-performing maintenance teams.

Title Agents

Secure Collaboration

TaskCycle™ gives title professionals the ability to collaborate with lenders, escrow partners and clients in a secure cloud environment.

Straightforward Transaction Experience

Facilitate a streamlined, digitally enabled transaction experience that keeps everyone in the loop from start to finish.

Improve Efficiency and Accuracy

Automated Task Templates reduce unnecessary manual tracking of important tasks, allowing for more timely and accurate completion of important processes in a transaction.

Enhanced Transparency

Build consumer confidence with end-to-end transparency throughout the process by enabling open and customizable communication between all parties.

Real Estate Law

Remote Collaboration

Capture, organize, and collaborate on any tasks or documents in one secure environment.

Real-Time Document Collaboration

Only TaskCycle™ offers instant collaboration technology for document management. Prepare, edit, and sign contracts together, remotely.

Straightforward Transaction Experience

Facilitate a streamlined, digitally enabled transaction experience that keeps everyone in the loop from start to finish.

Automate Processes

Automate repetitive tasks, as well as delegate and track progress from one intuitive dashboard.

Trade Professionals

Seamless Communication

Seamlessly collaborate in real time with tools like, virtual introduction, task delegation and document management.

Schedule and Task Sharing

Automate, delegate, and share tasks, as well as project schedules, without leaving the platform.

Faster Project Completion Rates

Upload photos and facilitate remote inspections of completed tasks, allowing for faster completion and shorter payment cycles.

Contract Management

Sign, send, and collaborate on contracts in a simple and secure environment. Upload documents from email and access important documents from our secure collaboration cloud.

More Features

Robust Cloud Storage

Seamlessly collaborate in real time with tools like virtual introduction, task delegation, and document management.

Uncomplicated Collaboration

Integrated cloud storage and document signature tools provided significant cost reduction and tool redundancy via the secure MERGED Collaboration Cloud™.

Frictionless Communication Channels

Communicate real time, internally or externally, through chat and direct messaging channels. Utilize emails to attach correspondence and attachments easily to existing records.

Secured Payment Transfers

Pay for services, secure escrow, and get paid faster with our secured payment portal. Track and manage retain age from one collaborative environment.

Close deals, save time, add transparency, reduce risk.

Have happy clients.

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