About Us

TaskCycle is part of a suite of applications that form the MERGED Collaboration Cloud.

Build Relationships that Build Business

We provide a rich set of relevant, yet simple to use features that take productivity to a whole new level.  TaskCycle is an activities management platform that adds greater transparency, efficiency of process and collaboration between all parties to a transaction.  Our value proposition goes beyond managing “transactions” and the “transaction lifecycle.”  Rather we are focused on delivering a quality and affordable solution that eliminates manual and outdated processes surrounding the way businesses build and manage relationships.


Jack Berube

Founder & CEO

Jack has over 20 years’ experience in real estate operations and is a former broker owner of a multi-state brokerage. While building his brokerage Jack recognized some significant inefficiencies in the way real estate transactions were managed end to end.  As he explored the opportunities to address these gaps, he realized that the core issues transcended the real estate industry, prompting his vision for the MERGED line of products, including TaskCycle.  The flagship product is best practice driven, user focused and, above all, affordable!

Jamie Heindl

VP Operations and Signature

Jamie is a technology professional with 20 years’ experience in client engagement, sales, and operations.  She has Global E-signature product management expertise and drives process improvement through lean and agile methodologies.

Matthew Dieffenderfer

VP of Product

Matthew has over 15 years’ experience in Sr. Level Product Management.  He also has Operations Experience in integrated platform systems, blockchain and hardware.  Matthew is a Georgia Institute of Technology Alum and holds US DoS Secret Clearance.